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The Preval Spray Gun is portable and has many useful applications for marine crews, to quickly and professionally maintain race boats or any marine vehicle.  Preval can spray almost any type of paint, epoxy and/or gel coat. Keeping your boats exterior well-maintained is important.

With Preval, you can keep multiple containers sealed and on board or at your garage making you ready for your next job. No compressor, no hose or wires and easy clean up or disposal. Whether you have small paint touch-ups or major cleanups, your job will be fast, safe, and precise. It can also spray solvents to clean gunk and grime.   It’s great for boat interiors, too, because you can fill your Preval Spray Gun with anti mold additives to keep carpets clean and even match interior dyes on your leather and plastics if you need to have small repairs. Preval lets you use small amounts of any liquid, there’s no waste.

It’s portable! You can use it anywhere and spray it everywhere. No need for electricity!