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Industrial Uses

Watch how Jim McCreary applies thermal marking material with Preval to apply a laser sketch to a stainless steel surface

Jim McCreary at Laser Sketch applies thermal marking material with his Preval Spray System.

First, McCreary puts marking ink into the Preval reservoir.

Next,  he uses Preval to spray the stainless surface with the marking ink

Its consistent, economical –  works every time. Easy cleanup, easy to use.

Watch the Laser burn in the image to the surface.  Very high tech. (with an assist from Preval)

Factories all over the world rely on the Preval Spray Gun to streamline maintenance tasks. It is exactly what every factory needs in order to speed operations and increase productivity.

Instead of reaching for a big power tool, grab a lightweight, compact Preval Spray Gun to do the job. Preval fits conveniently in a toolbox. It can even fit in your pocket. To maximize efficiency, keep multiple container jars on hand so you can switch from spraying one liquid to another in a matter of seconds. 

With the Preval Spray Gun, there are no wires to get in your way. There are no cumbersome tubes and no difficult clean-ups, either. In fact, a clean-up is fast, easy and convenient with Preval. 

Any time you need to spray lubricants on machinery – or spray a solvent, fixative, gelcoat, anti-foam agent or other liquid – reach for Preval. It will do the job for you quickly.

Save time and money. Add the Preval Spray Gun to your toolkit now.