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View on ECO friendly concrete polishing systems. Is polished concrete really "Green"? LEED requirements for polished concrete floor. Published by Concrete Polishing and Sealing Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario in 2011.

What should an architect expect upon applying for PLI (professional liability insurance) for the first time? Professional liability insurance protects firms against claims and/or allegations of negligence, errors or omissions in delivery of professional services. In order for an insurance company to evaluate and price their risk in insuring a firm, they require completion of an application. The application captures information about business locale, annual revenue, the discipline and project mix of the firm, and the risk management protocols implemented to help minimize exposure to claims. They will also inquire regarding claims history. To get a quote, one must submit...

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I came upon this very interesting essay that Architect Adolf Loos wrote back in 1913 where he focuses on a way to design buildings in relation to Landscape, more precisely in the Mountains (the region of the Alps).I am transcribing this manifesto-like text called 'Rules for Building in the Mountains' (Reglen fur den, der in der Bergen baut), that I highly suggest the reading.

Shade sails are a new and innovative designed product that many schools are now opting to have installed at their sites. With the help of government funding becoming more readily available, it is a product which is now popping up in many school and colleges. But why have a shade sail?

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Just as the colours and materials that are part of an interior have a major influence on the general mood of the person, lighting is just as, if not, more important in defining the mood of the user of the space. It also impacts on perception, performance, security and safety. In offices, a good lighting design can transform the efficiency of the staff and the general mood.

Before you redesign your retail store, restaurant, or business, you will need to do a little research. Indeed, you can get ideas from going around and looking at what other people have done, or going through Architectural Digest magazine. You might also peruse the trade publications.

Office design says a lot about the company without one word ever being said. Clients form opinions about the people and professionalism of a company by viewing the reception areas and offices. Feeling a little drab or dull in your office? Then consider and office refurbishment.