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A Message from Our President

Dear Friends,

As the president of Preval, it is my genuine pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural issue of Today's Spray. There are so many exciting things happening at Preval, and I am thrilled to have a forum through which I can share Preval news more effectively with the people who love our products.

I am excited to announce in this issue the launch of our newest products—all powered by Preval. Our vFan Airbrush System and 150 Feet of ENERGY, a portable compressor unit that gives the vFan Airbrush its professional-level results and portability, have just hit the market and already have developed a significant following of professionals and do-it-yourselfers from the automotive, craft, paint, boating and home improvement industries. We know you, too, will love them and we look forward to hearing from you about the unique applications you find for them. 

In this issue, we also highlight just a few of the people and industries that have been using the Preval Srayer to improve their lives and their work. But in the past few years, as we have watched demand for Preval soar, we have been continually reminded that people have a need for Preval in just about every hobby, home, profession and corner of the world. There is a universal need for speed, precision and professional aerosol spray results.

We are rapidly expanding into international markets to help meet this demand effectively and in a way that will keep our customers satisfied. In the past three months we have added distributors in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America to bring Preval closer to the people who need it. And we continually evaluate new opportunities to partner with appropriate distributors, using a careful selection model to ensure our current partners are protected and our growth is sustainable.

Finally, we hope that Today's Spray will serve as a forum for you to connect with us and other Preval users to share ideas and enthusiasm for our products. I truly appreciate your loyalty and support. 

Spray On,