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Take the Pain Out of Spraying

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 1:44 PM

The long of it, as president, customer service is my main focus, but a close second is innovation, to develop and expand the Preval spray niche and "brand" around the paint, coating aerosol and small spray delivery technologies field. 


When i was hired in 2009, i delivered a very aggressive 5 year plan which I'm proudly surpassing at my 3 yr mark.


Late 2009, in the economic downturn, my goals to grow the business was dependent on awareness of our few sku's 267, 268 and the plan needed to be executed around not only the features and benefits but mostly around customer satisfaction, including innovative development meeting demand, consumer savings and quality spray. In order for my plan to take growth, however, bringing action to the goal of driving awareness was paramount and I laid out a three year consumer awareness marketing and category analysis campaign whereby using the Internet, trade shows, and in store demos, in order to create mass trade and consumer awareness around the products that we currently have sold and test new technologies that we felt the consumer would benefit from.  We learned a lot.


Within 18 months what we realized was that the small surface paint touch up category and refinishing category has grown over 300% - including restoration, refinishing and the like, even in down times. For both the DIY and professional users and trades trades and in all categories from hobby, crafts, architectural coatings, stains automotive finishes, marine, oem, specially finishes including lacquers as well as other substrate product finishes including cosmetic, decor, varnishes sealers clear coat urethane, gel coats, fixatives, etc and that there were several gaping holes in the spray application industry that were untouched by competitive product brands and marketers.


Hence Preval's brand expansion


With the growing trend around the internet taking shape, environmental regulations, water-based products and safer product initiatives such as going "green" has grown, and we have found retailers in particular to OEMs, making significant improvements And limiting environmentally hazardous materials flammable, dangerous and high voc or caustic products and Although the aerosol market is growing in general, retailers for example have not been expanding paint products in this aerosol category, in the store-


For the Preval brand what we've seen  is "a perfect storm", a huge jump on sales coinciding with this awareness initiative, and we have continued to market this way while galvanizing our price point, but also creating consumer awareness campaigns around our refillable spray technology for the user, "taking the pain away" whereby basically upon purchase the user is getting a recyclable $7 Sprayer, multi purpose spray aerosol technology for paint application, which is easy to fill and add paint, clean, and refill for more uses, the user who can choose any paint or coating application applying up to 16oz of different paint applications using one Sprayer - multiple times, coming back to the retailer replacing the used power unit and product containers. Our campaigns dive into teaching about uses, supporting Americans, user efficiencies, economically speaking and environmental, keeping in mind that the technologies must protect the paint from mixing with propellants, so there is no adulteration, or yellowing, and educating the consumer on thinners so they are not limited by paint uses and while only limiting paint wasting, with other environmental benefits like only needing 1.9 fluid ounces of propellant in each Preval Sprayer power unit, which will spray up to 16 ounces product, delivering 400% more product than a standard aerosol.


With this in mind we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend across the United States driving consumers awareness and in a big way, increasing foot traffic and sales for our retailers, growing demand for our distributors and most important "taking the pain out of spraying" for the user.


We also developed an easy way for retailers and distributors to offer all of our products on their online store, which I'd like to further our conversation.


But we did not stop there, what we have done is we brought on and expanded our product line with new patent pending sundries, and portable applicators including our vFan System, which allows for hairline spray patterns adjusting to 3" fan patterns and while control paint glow from heavy to light.  We have really expanded our line, including multiple product containers and add-on products as which we dive deeper into this industry giving your customers multiple options When choosing equipment and accessories  that they can use when spraying - we have added approx. 50 additional skus-


Over the last 12 months the deeper we dove into our research we realized another 5 large growing applicator demands which is:


1-the female $ aging demographic

2-the expert DIYer and professional user

3-made in the USA product initiative

4-using recycled or green products

5- ease of use specialty products 


Most importantly however Was our main purpose and goal when buying Preval from the start which is customer satisfaction whereby Preval products being designed to solve problems and help in making projects go easier, finish faster, finish with superior results, environmentally safer and less expensive!


Hence, we have changed our tagline to "Take The Pain Out Of Spraying"


This week I was happy to introduce our newest item - vGrip - which in my opinion hits the mark regarding our plan around aerosols -


This vGrip is a 2-1 aerosol handle, is a finger saver, (particularly for paint sprayers and elderly) comes with a ergonomic trigger for 4 fingers use, where market standard are 1-2 fingers, making spraying 8 x 's easier - further the vGrip fits onto any standard aerosol whether spray pattern is round or fan, and onto the preval sprayer as well; turning your aerosol spray can or preval sprayer into a easy to use, spray gun, for a more controlled and smoother professional finish while Its 4 finger trigger helps "take the pain out of spraying" 



Made in the USA

Made from recycled plastics


Durable construction withstands repeated uses


Visit us at SEMA booth# 10961