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150 Feet of Energy: Me vs. The Dustbunny

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Every spring I get a bug. Not an insect and not the "sickness" bug. Those are no fun. The bug I'm talking about is fun indeed. The bug i'm talking about is the cleaning bug.

I can't help it. There's in innate, unavoidable sensation to clean everything in my immediate area. Whether it's my desk, or someone else's desk IT NEEDS TO BE CLEAN!

This annual desire for cleanliness might be brought on by this "New Year" notion that everything must start from scratch at a certain point.

The first chore I tackled this cleaning season was rearranging my bedroom. It's small, like most Chicago bedrooms, so I've contemplated how to maximize my space without disgarding any necessary furniture. This process went rather smoothly for me other than the fact that I had to face the annual, formidable foe: Dustbunnies.

Where do these things come from? Why must they always appear?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but I did find a solution to help me with the tricky dustbunny problem.

You see, my house is old, therefore typical in that the walls are never at 90 degree angles- just slightly over or under this ratio. As a result, dustbunnies find their way into places I didn't even know existed. This year, I was ready.

I wanted things cleaner than they had ever been, so I used the 150 Feet of Energy as a duster, approaching each corner of my room and promptly eliminating those foes in their hiding spots. Between the wall and the crown molding. on my window sills. Anywhere a dustbunny resided, myself and the 150 Feet of Energy were there with a vengeance. 

I'm glad the process is over. But i'm more glad that I know from now on that dustbunnies aren't a formidable foe. Just a simple spray away from being busted.

- Courtney W.